What is CVOW

The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project is an offshore wind farm 27 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach. The Phase I CVOW pilot project is an important first step toward offshore wind development for Virginia and the United States. It is only the second offshore wind project in the nation, the first to be installed in federal waters and the first owned by an electric utility company.

Phase I (Pilot)

The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind pilot project — a two turbine, 12-megawatt offshore wind farm off the coast of Virginia Beach — was first announced in 2017 and received approval from the Virginia State Corporation Commission in November 2018. Onshore construction on the half-mile conduit that holds the final stretch of cables connecting the turbines 27 miles from the coast to a company substation near the State Military Reservation commenced in the summer of 2019.

In May 2020, the first turbine foundation was safely and successfully installed in the ocean floor, followed by the second later that month.

The two turbines completed acceptance testing in October 2020 and are now ready to start serving our customers — providing enough clean, renewable energy to power up to 3,000 Virginia homes.

Phase II (Commercial)

The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind commercial project, once constructed, will be the largest offshore wind project in the United States: a proposed 2,640-megawatt wind farm with nearly 180 turbines scheduled to begin construction in 2024.

When fully constructed in 2026, the commercial phase of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind farm will deliver up to 8.8 million megawatts of clean, renewable energy to the grid — powering up to 660,000 Virginia homes — and will avoid as much as 5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually — the equivalent of taking more than 1 million non-EV cars off the road for one year, or planting more than 80 million trees.

Picture of Phase I and Phase II windmills
Phase I Phase II
Height 600 feet tall 800 feet tall
Total capacity 12 MW 2,640 MW
Location Located within a 2,135-acre lease area, 27 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach  Located within a 112,800-acre lease area adjacent to the pilot project
Ocean Depth 80 feet 72 feet to 125 feet
Wind Speed Range 8-to-9.5 meters per second 8-to-9.5 meters per second
Wind Turbines Two
Approximately 180