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Wind turbines still on track east of Virginia Beach

Richmond Times-Dispatch | Apr 22, 2022

Dominion appears poised to scale up offshore wind dramatically. The two turbines it currently operates are the pilot structures involved in its Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project ... [and] plans to go big, with 176 new turbines extending outward an additional 15 miles by the end of 2026.

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Talking Turbines: An update on Dominion Energy's offshore wind project

WTKR | Apr 15, 2022

Virginia's coast is getting some new residents; not fish or marine life, but massive windmills. You can't see the turbines from the beaches, but Dominion Energy's offshore wind farm is paving the way for clean, renewable energy in Hampton Roads.

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Giant, turbine-installing ship is Dominion Energy’s $500M bet on U.S. offshore wind

Energy News Network | Mar 11, 2022

The Virginia utility’s parent company has ordered a massive ocean vessel for installing offshore wind turbines. The $500 million ship could reduce the cost and complexity of U.S. offshore wind projects up and down the Atlantic Coast.

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Opinion: Wind energy creates “buckets of opportunity” for Virginia

The Virginian Pilot | Feb 09, 2022

Offshore wind projects are creating a new industry of jobs and businesses for Virginia to get involved in and what we are seeing today is just the beginning of what is in the realm of possible in terms of economic growth and job creation.

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Editorial: Region seizes wind opportunity

The Virginian Pilot | Nov 17, 2021

News that a European wind engineering company plans to build a $200 million turbine blade finishing facility at the Portsmouth Marine Terminal gives a major boost to the drive by Hampton Roads and Virginia to become the nation's leader in the offshore wind energy industry.

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