Delivering Wind Power

We are committed to delivering what our customers want — energy that is reliable and sustainable. Offshore wind generation is a critical resource for meeting our customers expectations around reducing carbon emissions. Although the wind turbines will be 27 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach, we will deliver the clean energy to you onshore.

CVOW has been made possible by important partnerships with environmental organizations, elected officials, governmental bodies, community leaders, community members and you. One thing’s certain, moving to a clean energy future requires participation from all of us. We want to hear from you about the offshore wind turbines and onshore transmission — you can connect with us here.

The first two CVOW pilot test turbines are up and running 27 miles of the coast of Virginia Beach — an important first step toward offshore wind development for Virginia and the United States. Not only are the turbines generating 12 megawatts of electricity, they are demonstrating to the world that wind energy works well in the Atlantic.

Right now, the pilot turbines are connected to the grid via lower voltage wires. As we increase the generating capacity of the offshore wind farm, we need higher voltage wires to fully offload the 2,640 megawatts of wind energy.

Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project infographic showing first two turbines and shoreline

Working with Our Community

We are conducting a study on how best to deliver the clean energy generated by offshore wind turbines to our customers’ homes and businesses. We are collaborating with experts in public works, community planning, economic development and environmental science across the Hampton Roads region to ensure that the benefits and impacts of the offshore wind turbines and onshore infrastructure are being carefully considered.

Delivering wind power is no small feat. To deliver the energy generated by the offshore wind turbines to our customers’ homes and businesses, undersea cables are proposed to come ashore near State Military Reservation in Virginia Beach. From there, transmission lines will carry the electrons to a proposed substation near Naval Air Station Oceana and then to Dominion Energy’s existing Fentress Substation in Chesapeake to serve the larger electric grid.

Please check back often for visual simulations, routing maps and other information that we’d like your feedback on in the near future.

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