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Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Is Creating Our Clean Energy Future

Check out this video by the City of Norfolk TV captured in October 2021.

Help us build your clean energy future. Dominion Energy is committed to delivering what our customers want — energy that is safe, reliable and sustainable. We want you involved in making offshore wind in Virginia a reality.

At Dominion Energy, we are committed to engaging with our communities and being a good neighbor.

The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project is positioning both Hampton Roads and Virginia as leaders in science, technology and innovation. Such an undertaking would not have been possible without important partnerships with environmental organizations, elected officials, governmental bodies, community leaders, community members and you.

We are supporting future generations through our education partnerships. The Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation, Dominion Energy’s philanthropic organization, has also provided grant funding to the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project to train the next generation of clean energy employees through an Offshore Wind for Students initiative. Find out more about our work with NEED and others on our Educators page.

Dominion Energy is also working with the Hampton Roads Workforce Council, K-12 educators, community colleges, colleges and universities, North American Building Trades Union and their state affiliate, Virginia Building Trades and other partners throughout the region to help train today’s workforce and the next generation of clean energy employees. Through collaboration and partnerships with Virginia’s educational institutions and unions, we're helping build a pipeline of talent in skilled trades, engineering, supply chain management and ship building and repair.

It will ultimately lower the cost of offshore wind development and create good-paying clean energy jobs, long-lasting economic benefits and pave the way for an equitable clean energy future for us all. Investing in sustainable energy means Dominion Energy is creating new avenues for good-paying jobs. Visit our Suppliers page or our Workforce page to learn more.

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Our commitment to the customers and communities we serve goes beyond our dedication to providing safe, reliable, affordable and clean energy. We are dedicated to giving back to our communities - we live here too.

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Payment Extension

If you need more time to pay your energy bill, we offer short-term payment extensions. No fees, extra charges, or down payment required to enroll.

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Payment Plan

If you just can’t keep up with your bill, we also offer long-term payment plans that can divide past balances into equal payments for up to 24 months. No fees, extra charges, or down payment required to enroll.

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Bill Payment Assistance

If you are facing a crisis and need help with paying your energy bill, EnergyShare can help with your home’s primary heating and cooling sources (wood, oil, natural gas, propane, kerosene, electric).

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If you have received EnergyShare bill payment assistance, you may also be eligible to receive a free home energy assessment and the installation of free energy efficiency upgrades, which can provide long-term savings on your energy bill.

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Energy Saving Tips

If you are looking for some low-cost or no-cost ways to save on your energy bill, EnergyShare also offers some easy, practical solutions, most of which you can do yourself, to help you become more energy efficient at home.

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Internship Program

Our best-in-class paid internship program employs over 250 college students every year. There are also opportunities for scholarships through the Diversity Scholarship for minority and female interns.

Interested in a career? Dominion Energy is looking for passionate thinkers and doers who want to support their community. To learn more, visit

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Community Contributions

EnergyShare started in 1982 as a seasonal heating assistance program in Hampton Roads. Over the last 39 years, it has expanded to include bill payment support and free energy efficiency upgrades.

  • $12 million in assistance

    Since 2012, EnergyShare has helped more than 34,700 people in Hampton Roads, totaling almost $12 million in assistance.

  • $15 million donation

    In the last 10 years, our charitable foundation has donated more than $15 million to local organizations in Hampton Roads.

  • $35 million to Historically Black Colleges and Universities

    In 2020, Dominion Energy pledged $35 million to support 11 historically black colleges and universities, including $2.75 million for both Hampton University and Norfolk State.

  • $5 million to support social justice initiatives

    In 2020, Dominion Energy committed $5 million to support non-profits fighting for social justice in the communities we live and serve. Of the $3.5 million granted thus far, $492,000 supported organizations in Hampton Roads.