Creating Good-Paying Clean Energy Jobs

CVOW is groundbreaking in many ways. But its true impacts are much larger. This project ensures the U.S. becomes a leader in offshore wind. By allowing U.S. companies to gain expertise in the wind energy sector this project will be a catalyst for a new domestic supply chain anchored in Hampton Roads that will serve the U.S. East Coast wind industry.

Together we will create good-paying clean energy jobs and long-lasting economic benefits.

The first Jones Act compliant offshore wind turbine installation vessel from Dominion Energy.

We recently reached a major milestone — the keel laying — in the construction of the first Jones Act compliant offshore wind turbine installation vessel, currently being constructed by the global marine shipbuilding firm Keppel AmFELS at its Brownsville, Texas shipyard. With several gigawatts of offshore wind capacity to be installed along the U.S. East Coast in the next decade, access to Jones Act compliant vessels are of strategic importance to the U.S. offshore wind market. This vessel marks the beginning of an expanding offshore wind supply chain capable of serving the entire Atlantic Coast.

Economic Benefits

The Hampton Roads Alliance commissioned Virginia-based Mangum Economics to perform an offshore wind economic impact analysis. According to the study, construction of the CVOW project could create 900 direct and indirect Virginia jobs annually — 60% in the Hampton Roads region — and generate $57 million in pay and benefits, $143 million in economic benefits and approximately $5 million in local and state tax revenue.

When fully constructed in 2026, the analysis estimates CVOW could create about 1,100 direct and indirect jobs in Hampton Roads, and generate $82 million in pay and benefits, $210 million in economic benefits annually and approximately $11 million annually in local and state tax revenue.

Power of Wind

Creating $11 Million Annually in Local and State Tax Revenue

Clean Energy Economy

Generating $82 Million in Pay and Benefits


Creating 1,100 Direct and Indirect Jobs

Virginia Beach and the broader Hampton Roads region is on the leading edge of a new clean energy economy and the many economic benefits that come with it. There are opportunities for local businesses to be suppliers in the project. In fact, more than 200 people attended a recent virtual roundtable held for businesses in Hampton Roads to learn how to get involved.

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Offshore wind power generation will help address climate change and advance scientific research on renewable technology and environmental sustainability — and the schools and universities in Hampton Roads are integrally involved in that.  

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Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project map showing Phase I and Phase II

The Commonwealth is a natural fit to become a hub for offshore wind development, with best-in-class port infrastructure, a centrally located and capable maritime workforce and a supportive business climate. CVOW is a critical resource for meeting Virginia’s goal of carbon-free energy by 2045 and is instrumental in supporting Dominion Energy’s goal of net zero carbon and methane emissions by 2050. CVOW will allow Virginia to emerge as a leader in sustainable energy.

Making Virginia a Leader in Renewable Energy

Power of Wind

Investing in the Power of Wind

Energy to power up to 660,000 homes, with zero emissions and fuel costs.

Critical in meeting Virginia’s renewable and clean energy commitments.

Clean Energy Economy

Building a Clean Energy Economy

Up to $143 million in economic benefits each year during construction.

Up to $210 million in economic benefits each year during operation.


Creating Clean Energy Jobs

900 jobs each year during construction.

1,100 jobs each year during operation.