Build a Clean Energy Future with a First Class Team

At Dominion Energy, we are building Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) to deliver Virginia’s clean energy future with economic development and jobs that will be transformative for Hampton Roads and beyond.

To move this project forward, we will be working alongside global partners, Virginia businesses and hundreds of local workers, contractors and suppliers. This team will be responsible for safely constructing, operating and maintaining the offshore and onshore components that will ultimately provide clean, reliable and sustainable energy to up to 660,000 homes.

Interested in joining us on this transformational clean energy project?

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Offshore Wind Business Expos

We are committed to maximizing opportunities for Virginia’s businesses and workforce. We are hosting events for potential suppliers experienced in providing goods and services on major projects that also want to help support the business/supply chain needs of CVOW and the emerging offshore wind industry.

If you would like to get your business involved, please join the Hampton Roads Workforce Council, Dominion Energy and major contractors and industry experts at an upcoming offshore wind local business expo. Please also check back as upcoming events are added.

We are planning more events in the future. Please check back soon as upcoming events are added.

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Offshore Wind Supply Chain Event Videos

Watch our previous events to learn how your business can be a part of the growing offshore wind industry and what preparations you need to make to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

Impact on Hampton Roads

By maximizing opportunities for Virginia’s businesses and workforce, CVOW will have long-lasting impacts on Hampton Roads and beyond.

900 jobs

Each year during construction, CVOW could support:

900 direct and indirect Virginia jobs annually (about 60 percent in Hampton Roads)

Almost $57 million in pay and benefits

Over $143 million in economic output

Generating almost $2 million in revenues for local governments in the Hampton Roads area

An additional $3 million in Virginia state tax revenues

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Each year during ongoing operation, CVOW could support:

1,100 direct and indirect jobs annually in Hampton Roads

Almost $82 million in pay and benefits

Almost $210 million in economic output

Generating almost $6 million in revenues for local governments in the Hampton Roads area

An additional $5 million in Virginia state tax revenues

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Join an Informational Forum

As part of our education efforts, we have partnered with the Hampton Roads Alliance, Hampton Roads Workforce Council and other Virginia business organizations to host CVOW information sessions geared toward businesses and potential suppliers. These events, Workforce Wednesdays and Friday Forums, are full of valuable insights from key members of the CVOW project team.

The Virginia Supply Chain Team

In early November 2021, we created the Virginia Supply Chain Team, which is tasked with working with each major equipment provider to identify the direct and subcontracted activity needed in Virginia.

Once these scopes of work are identified, Dominion Energy and the providers will engage with local, regional and state economic development authorities and trade organizations, such as the Hampton Roads Alliance and the Virginia Maritime Association, to share these opportunities. From there, these groups and Dominion Energy will work to connect Virginia businesses and the major equipment providers. Dominion Energy will share available jobs through outreach to Virginia’s businesses, educational institutions, and workforce development organizations.

To take advantage of these opportunities, list your business as a potential supplier on the Dominion Energy potential supplier website and on the Virginia Offshore Wind Supply Chain Partnership Directory, hosted by the Hampton Roads Alliance. This information will be shared with the major equipment providers, and you will be on a mailing list for event invitations. The Hampton Roads Workforce Council website also hosts a database portal for those interested in offshore wind jobs.

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