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Dominion Energy’s Supply Chain Management relies on dedicated, competitive and ethical suppliers to produce and deliver power to our millions of customers. We work with suppliers to ensure that we are partnering with the best supplier, whether local or global, for the company’s procurement needs.

At Dominion Energy, we all share the same core values, and we look for suppliers who embrace them, too. Safety, ethics, excellence, embracing change and One Dominion Energy, our phrase for teamwork, are what drive us every day.

If this sounds like you and your company, register to join us as we strive to bring our mission and values to the utility marketplace and our customers every day.

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The Virginia Supply Chain Team

In early November 2021, we created the Virginia Supply Chain Team, which is tasked with working with each major equipment provider to identify the direct and subcontracted activity planned to be conducted in Virginia.

Once these scopes of work are identified, Dominion Energy and the providers will engage with local, regional and state economic development authorities and trade organizations, such as the Hampton Roads Alliance and the Virginia Maritime Association, to share these opportunities. From there, these groups and Dominion Energy will host construction expositions and meetings to connect Virginia businesses and the major equipment providers.

It is important to list your business as a potential supplier on the Dominion Energy potential supplier website and on the Virginia Offshore Wind Supply Chain Partnership Directory, hosted by the Hampton Roads Alliance. This information will be shared with the major equipment providers, and you will be on a mailing list for event invitations.

As the scopes of work are identified, the types of jobs needed to support the businesses can be assessed. Dominion Energy will share the jobs with workforce councils, primary and secondary educational institutions, unions and community organizations to promote interest and encourage engagement in training and apprenticeships for those interested in joining the offshore wind workforce. The Hampton Roads Workforce Council website hosts a database portal for those interested in offshore wind jobs.

We will be working with our major equipment providers in the first quarter of 2022 and plan to begin outreach to Virginia’s businesses and the workforce development organizations in the second quarter of 2022.

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At Dominion Energy we pride ourselves on being proactive, collaborative and transparent. In the wake of ongoing public health concerns from the spread of the coronavirus, we are mindful of our activities and are striving to ensure that all of our interactions with the community are carried out with appropriate social distancing.

Workforce Wednesdays and Friday Forums with Hampton Roads Alliance

As part of our education efforts, we have partnered with the Hampton Roads Alliance to host Workforce Wednesdays and Friday Forums --- CVOW information sessions that are geared toward businesses and potential suppliers. These events are full of valuable insights from key members of the CVOW project team. You can find out more about these events by visiting the Hampton Roads Alliance.