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sepa lo que se comenta sobre el proyecto Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind.


As offshore wind installation rises, Dominion showcases environmental, economic benefits

Virginia Mercury | Jun 24, 2024

On a recent summer day, under blue skies, a 272-feet tall, 31-feet wide, 1,500-ton steel cylinder was being pushed into the ocean floor 27 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach. The process will be repeated for months as Dominion Energy builds the country’s largest offshore wind project.

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Dominion Energy's new ship may hold the key to U.S. offshore wind energy

CNBC | Jun 24, 2024

In the mission to harness sustainable energy, the U.S. is behind when it comes to offshore wind energy ... One boat could carry the key to unlocking more green energy.

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Dominion Energy highlights environmental mitigation efforts at offshore wind site

WAVY | Jun 18, 2024

Mitchell Jabs, environmental permitting manager for the wind project, said five years of research has her confident the ongoing construction is not harmful to the whales. “We feel very confident in that our mitigations are comprehensive,” Jabs said.

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Scientists to study how offshore wind construction off Virginia Beach impacts fish

Virginia Mercury | Dec 18, 2023

Researchers with the Nature Conservancy and federal government are embarking on groundbreaking research off the coast of Virginia Beach to see how driving offshore wind turbines into the seafloor impacts fish behavior.

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As other wind projects stall, Virginia's approach keeps Dominion's on track

Richmond Times-Dispatch | Dec 18, 2023

With the certainty that state oversight and the Clean Economy Act gave, Dominion was able to nail down firm contracts from suppliers. “The fact that we have a regulated project, and the fact that the Clean Economy Act set those targets, gave us the confidence to go to the vendors and say this is what we need on this schedule,” said Bob Blue, Dominion Energy's chair, president and chief executive officer.

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