Why Wind Energy

Offshore wind generation is a vital part of Dominion Energy’s comprehensive clean energy strategy to meet requirements in the Virginia Clean Economy Act and to achieve the company’s net-zero carbon dioxide and methane emissions across our 16 states by 2050.

CVOW is crucial to achieving that goal. It will also be an economic boon to the Hampton Roads area, creating more than 1,100 jobs annually and generating nearly $11 million in tax revenue for local and state government once the Phase II commercial project is operational.

Our Pledge to Our Customers

Dominion Energy is committed to delivering what our customers want and what the planet needs — energy that is affordable, reliable and sustainable. Projects like CVOW enable us to deliver on that vision, allowing us to protect the environment while continuing to take care of our customers.

And while we have our eyes on the future, we understand the challenges of the present. We remain committed to our fundamental mission of providing reliable and affordable energy despite any challenge — during floods, tornadoes and hurricanes — and right now, during the current pandemic. First and foremost, Dominion Energy is a reliable energy provider — delivering on new ways to reduce outages, cut response and restoration times, and provide new, cleaner energy choices.

Committed to Sustainable Energy

Dominion Energy is a reliable leader in providing clean and renewable energy that protects our environment while giving our customers more choices than ever. We are committed to building a sustainable energy future, with a plan to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide and methane emissions across our 16 states by 2050. Offshore wind generation is a vital part of our comprehensive clean energy strategy to reach that goal.

CVOW will allow Dominion Energy to harness an abundant, renewable resource to deliver sustainable and reliable energy to our customers. When fully operational in 2026, the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project will deliver up to 8.8 million megawatt hours per year of clean, renewable energy to the grid — powering up to 660,000 Virginia homes — and will avoid as much as 5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually — the equivalent of planting more than 80 million trees.

Jobs for Today and Tomorrow

Investing in sustainable energy means Dominion Energy is creating new avenues for good-paying jobs. The Hampton Roads Alliance commissioned an offshore wind economic impact analysis, performed by Virginia-based Mangum Economics. During the second phase of the project, the analysis projects about $143 million in economic impact will be generated annually and 900 jobs could be created during the construction period. Nearly $5 million in local and state tax revenue will be generated annually.

Once the Phase II commercial project is complete, the analysis estimates CVOW will create approximately 1,100 jobs from operations while generating $11 million annually in local and state tax revenue and almost $210 million annually in economic impacts. That means hundreds of good-paying, clean energy jobs in the Commonwealth that will help transform the economy in Hampton Roads and beyond.

CVOW will create a supply chain including turbine manufacturing, assembly and other industry prospects that will bring hundreds of good-paying jobs to Virginia, help diversify the Hampton Roads economy and support our economic recovery once we’ve moved past this pandemic.

Dominion Energy has always been committed to providing good-paying jobs for Virginians, with more than 8,000 people working for the company across the state. We’re a positive force in creating and providing jobs and have in place job training programs to help transition workers. In the years to come, hundreds of new clean energy jobs will be created in Virginia as a result of our historic investment in offshore wind.

Making Virginia a Leader in Renewable Energy

Power of Wind
Investing in the Power of Wind

Energy to power up to 660,000 homes, with zero emissions and fuel costs.

Critical in meeting Virginia’s renewable and clean energy commitments.

Clean Energy Economy
Building a Clean Energy Economy

Up to $143 million in economic output each year during construction.

Up to $210 million in economic output each year during operation.

Creating Clean Energy Jobs

900 jobs each year during construction.

1,100 jobs each year during operation.