The CVOW Phase I pilot project provides Dominion Energy with valuable permitting, design, installation and operations experience that can be applied to the proposed 2,600-megawatt commercial project — the largest offshore wind project in the United States — to be built beginning in 2024 in an adjacent 112,800-acre lease area.

Through the Phase I pilot, we were able to gain valuable experience with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management permitting process. The lessons learned helped us submit our Construction and Operations Plan for the commercial project in December 2020.

Also, offshore wind generation is a vital part of Dominion Energy’s comprehensive clean energy strategy to meet standards outlined in the Virginia Clean Economy Act and to achieve the company’s goal of net-zero carbon dioxide and methane emissions across our 16 states by 2050.

The cost of Phase I, including the turbines, is $300 million.

How tall are the turbines?

The tips of the blades rise slightly more than 600 feet above the ocean’s surface, roughly the height of the Washington Monument. The base extends 80 feet below the surface to the ocean floor.

Height of windmills